The Airdrop is our way of rewarding early adopters and seeding the Zulu Republic ecosystem with a free distribution of ZTX*, no strings attached. During the first phase of the Airdrop, the first 10,000 people who signed up claimed a free deposit of 500 ZTX with no need to stake or deposit any of their own funds to participate. Phase two of the Airdrop is coming soon.

Create your account and be ready for when it begins.


Collect free ZTX in 3 airdrop phases:

  • Phase 1 (closed): Signup and enable 2FA
  • Phase 2: Create a Passport
  • Phase 3: TBA

After the airdrop, people are free to hold ZTX in their Zulu Republic wallet and send it to other Zulu Republic users or any ERC20 compatible wallet. In the future, Zulu Republic Passport holders will also be able to spend ZTX at verified merchants and receive a 5% ZTX bonus** on every transaction.


Airdrops are often used by blockchain companies as an alternative to (or in addition to) conducting an ICO or token sale.

Why are we doing one?

  • It’s a more democratic distribution model
  • It allows for wider dissemination of tokens
  • It lowers the burden of participation and adoption
  • It aligns better with our core philosophy (see the Manifesto)
  • We don’t need crowdfunding

Learn more about why we’re conducting an airdrop here.

Airdrop Stats

Total token supply: 1 billion tokens

  • 100 million for Airdrop
  • 100 million kept for use by Zulu Republic LLC
  • 800 million held by the smart reserve for use in the ZTX rewards program

Airdrop Phase 1 (CLOSED)

Distribution: 5 million tokens
User cap: 10k users
Tokens per user: 500
Start date: September 10, 2018
End date: September 26, 2018
Participation requirements: Sign up and enable 2FA
Tokens unlocked: End of airdrop

Airdrop Phase 2

Distribution: 90 million tokens
User cap: 90k users
Tokens per user: 1000
Start date: TBD
End date: When user cap is reached
Participation requirements: Sign up for Passport (includes KYC)
Tokens unlocked: Immediately upon receipt

Airdrop Phase 3


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