flexible, quick, convenient

No extra application needed

You don't have to install any app!
ZuluPay doesn't use a properietary application to manage its wallet, instead it uses common messaging applications like Telegram, Line, Facebook Messenger and even simple SMS.

Seems incredible? Give it a try, it's free.

Manage 5 different crypto currencies

One Wallet, many currencies.
Transfer and Exchange Bitcoins, Ethereum, Zulu Token, Litecoins and Tezos, all in one wallet.

  • BTC
  • ZTX
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • XTZ

Send Crypto Gifts

A new funny and simple way to send money to your friends and beloved ones.
Your recipient will receive a very nice e-mail with the link to  redeem his gift.

What if your recipient doesn’t have a crypto wallet?
No problem, his Zulu Wallet will be created automatically linked by his e-mail account.

Send money easily
to any e-mail address or any phone number

Hey daddy, I’m in Bali and I lost my wallet and ID, please transfer me 200$.

Unexpected situations or simple acts of generosity, send your money effortlessly worldwide with ZuluPay. Just say how much do you want to transfer to a specific email address or phone number and it's done, a Zulu Wallet will be created automatically and your recipient will access from his phone (no app needed) or from his email.
Keep in touch with your community
A lot is going on behind the scenes, so be part of the movement. We will not burden you with useless emails, just important updates about this world.
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