Zulu Republic is an ecosystem of blockchain tools, services, and platforms, designed as a place where people, businesses, and organizations can thrive on their own terms — a place where the real promise of the cryptocurrency revolution can be realized.

Citizens of the Zulu Republic live anywhere and everywhere, united by a shared vision for a future of economic freedom and empowerment — of taking back our destinies from powerful centralized institutions.

Featuring a lightweight, lean infrastructure, Zulu is built to be scalable, trustless, and secure. We are using state-of-the-art, industry leading standards and services to assure the highest level of quality, with an emphasis on user experience, adoptability, sustainability, and transparency.

The Zulu Republic ecosystem will be bolstered by a series platforms that use its native currency, ZTX, including Zulu Pay and the Zulu Republic Passport.

Concept and Background

We believe that people and businesses should have the power to control their own money, free from powerful centralized intermediaries, and with the added security offered by the blockchain. This is the fundamental ambition behind cryptocurrency technology, which is increasingly changing our idea of value exchange and shattering the monetary paradigm of infinite debt creation and unsustainable growth.

The exponential changes we see happening in technology today are mirrored by profound transformations and disruptions in our social and economic lives. Each year, more and more people are living, working, and exchanging value across physical borders, whether by choice or by necessity. Centralized, hierarchical institutions and governments are under ever-increasing pressure from this upheaval, and public trust in them is at an all-time low.

At the same time, technological disruption is bringing a greater possibility for global abundance and independence than ever before. We envision a world of true economic freedom, where people are empowered to take back their financial agency and thrive like never before possible.


Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the global economy, giving people a means to exchange value securely and quickly, independent of location, and without intermediaries for the first time in history, often with much lower fees than conventional remittance services. Thanks to the cryptographic strength of blockchains, we no longer need to place our trust in vulnerable third parties, and the threat of fraud and bad actors is increasingly reduced.

However, this economic revolution is still reserved for those with a minimum of technological literacy, and access is still difficult in many places, placing regular cryptocurrency use beyond the reach of the general public.

With an emphasis on user experience and open access, Zulu Republic aims to mitigate the adoption problem, leveraging blockchain technology to create a sustainable ecosystem composed of individuals, merchants, and larger businesses, bolstered by enterprise-level activity, creating a place where people can not only make use of blockchain technology in their daily lives but thrive in the process of doing so.


With its lightweight, lean infrastructure, Zulu is built to be scalable, trustless, and secure. We are using state-of-the-art, industry leading standards and services to assure the highest level of quality.

Private Keys

Security is at the forefront of our services. Users’ private keys are RSA encrypted using the user’s password. Only the encrypted value is stored, which can only be decrypted using the user’s password. We do not store passwords of any sort, authentication tokens of any sort, nor do we ever store an unencrypted version of a user’s sensitive data.


At the heart of Zulu Republic is the ZTX token and a series of platforms and initiatives currently under development: Zulu Pay (financial hub), the Zulu Republic Passport (self-sovereign digital identity solution), Zulu Commons (voting platform), Zulu Ventures (business/non-profit seeding initiative), and an educational content publishing platform.

ZTX is an ERC-20 payment token. Combined with the Zulu Pay app, the ZTX token will empower users to take advantage of blockchain transactions in their daily lives, with an industry leading 5% token bonus on purchases made within the ecosystem.

The ZTX token model is designed for general public usage, and to be supported by an ecosystem of business models and applications powered by ZTX.

Zulu Republic Passport

A republic is only as good as its people.

Zulu Republic users achieve citizenship status and receive a Zulu Republic Passport after completing an onboarding process that includes KYC verification.

The purpose of the Zulu Republic Passport is to provide a comprehensive self-sovereign digital identity solution that provides benefits both within and external to the Zulu Republic ecosystem. By leveraging the unique properties of the blockchain, the Passport will provide a trust-minimized digital identity hub, giving users complete control over their own information while maintaining a high degree of privacy, security, and convenience.

The Zulu Republic Passport is a convenient, one-stop KYC solution that can be used for onboarding with any third-party service that accepts the Passport for verification purposes, such as online cryptocurrency exchanges and other financial service providers. Users verify their information on a case-by-case basis and only when required, preventing access by vulnerable third-parties and reducing the risk of exposure to hackers in centralized databases. The Passport also benefits businesses by removing KYC compliance burdens from their own operations, allowing them to focus on what matters: their own products and services.

Within the Zulu Republic ecosystem, the Passport also confers the following rights:

  • To receive unlimited 5% token-back rewards when purchasing within the Republic.*
  • To vote on certain changes to the Zulu Republic ecosystem

*Rewards are available as long as the ZTX reserve maintains a positive balance.

The Zulu Republic Foundation

The Zulu Republic Association is a Swiss non-profit organization charged with managing the underlying technology of the Zulu Republic ecosystem.

The mission of the Zulu Republic Association is to advance the development of decentralized technologies, to promote human rights and empowerment around the globe, and to reduce the global digital divide.

In support of this mission, the Zulu Republic Association is responsible for the following activity:

  • Developing open-source distributed ledger technologies (DLT)
  • Developing self-sovereign identity technologies (SSI)
  • Creating and distributing educational content on the subjects of digital security, privacy, and blockchain technology.
  • Maintaining and managing the ZTX token and reserve, as well as any additional Zulu Republic smart contracts.
  • Incubating and seeding businesses and non-profit organizations that utilize ZTX and/or its underlying open-source technologies in their daily operations.
Value Proposition in Brief
  •  User-centric cryptocurrency model to facilitate adoption by everyday users
  • Comprehensive self-sovereign digital identity solution
  • Industry-leading 5% bonus for verified users
  • Use case scenario for ZTX adoption, featuring both consumer and business services, non-profit funding mechanism, and multi-currency wallet within the same platform
  • Proprietary business models in development for vertical market deployment to seed the ZTX ecosystem

Zulu Pay

More than just another payments app, Zulu Pay is the central hub of the Zulu Republic ecosystem, designed to bring seamless, user-friendly blockchain transactions to the world. Zulu Pay is powered by ZTX, with features that individuals, merchants, and large businesses will love. Whether sending, shopping, selling, or even managing inventory, Zulu Pay will let you transact cryptocurrency with just a few taps, all wrapped-up in a beautifully-designed, multi-device platform with built-in best practices and a fun, engaging user interface.

By increasing adoption, usage, and transaction volume of the ZTX token, Zulu Pay also helps support the Zulu Republic ecosystem while freeing even the most technologically-inexpert users to take full advantage of cryptocurrency transactions for the very first time.

Upon signing up, a wallet is automatically created to hold and transact in both ZTX tokens and ETH, with free ZTX offered to new users during a 3-phase airdrop.

Individuals and Freelancers

With Zulu Pay, you’ll be able to sign up and use cryptocurrency within seconds, with the opportunity to earn a 5% token-back bonus at verified merchants. After a user-friendly onboarding process, a personal Zulu Pay wallet is automatically created, and users will be able to buy cryptocurrency directly within the app. From there, shopping and sending peer-to-peer transactions is as easy as a few taps or clicks. Zulu Pay is more versatile and secure than using cash, with every transaction recorded on the blockchain.

When shopping with verified merchants, users will have the option to keep the 5% token bonus or donate all or a portion of it to an approved non-profit organization. Rewards will also be earned by inviting friends, family, or colleagues to sign up and start using Zulu Pay.

Trading ZTX within Zulu Pay will be quick and simple, and cashing out to fiat currency will be done within the app via an external exchange partner. In the future, we also plan offer peer-to-peer ZTX transactions with no added fees (gas).

Freelancers and digital nomads will be able to create and send invoices on-the-fly, with added features that will make Zulu Pay a one-stop cryptocurrency hub.

Merchants and Large Businesses

With a Zulu Pay merchant account, businesses will be able to accept both POS and online transactions directly in cryptocurrency, without slowing down the purchasing process. Registering for a verified merchant account incentivizes purchases by providing a 5% token bonus (at no cost to the merchant) on every purchase for customers who use Zulu Pay, stimulating both user onboarding and merchant sales.

Zulu Pay will also offer a number of valuable additional features for both small and large businesses, including transaction records and reporting, e-commerce and inventory integration, invoicing, and analytics.

Merchants are verified by Zulu Republic Citizens, and can offer token-back rewards based on two levels:

  • Level 1: Merchant is verified by 1 citizen. Can give up to 5,000 USD worth of ZTX back per year.*
  • Level 2: Merchant is verified by 100 different citizens who have made transactions, or by a Zulu Republic authorized verification entity. Can offer unlimited token-back rewards.*

*Rewards are available as long as the ZTX reserve maintains a positive balance.

Philanthropic Organizations

Zulu Pay is about to make it easier than ever for charitable organizations to create engaging fundraising campaigns, whether targeted to individuals or businesses.

Verified organizations will be able to create a Zulu Pay wallet for each campaign, each with a custom scan code that can be added to campaign posters, billboards, or web assets, allowing users to donate directly from the app on the fly. With built-in fraud protection, Zulu Pay will also alerts users in the case of unverified scan codes, ensuring that only the desired organization receives the donation.

Non-profit organizations with a verified Zulu Pay account will also be able to apply to be featured within the app itself for increased visibility.


Zulu Pay is built using the latest web technologies, featuring React-native development, custom-built APIs, and Ethereum smart contract integration.

Regulatory Compliance

Zulu works closely with Swiss regulators to go above and beyond Swiss regulatory requirements, which are among the most stringent in the world. Legal advisory for Zulu Republic is provided by Walder Wyss Switzerland.


Zulu Pay offers both anonymous and verified account options. Anonymous (unverified) accounts will offer limited functionality, including the inability to receive token-back rewards.

ZTX Token & Smart Contract


The ZTX Token is an Ethereum-based (ERC20) payment token designed for use both within the Zulu Republic ecosystem through Zulu Pay, as well as independently by blockchain-savvy users who wish to transact or trade in ZTX on third party platforms or exchanges.

The most crucial technical component of ZTX is the smart reserve, which controls the parameters for token distribution, distributing token rewards securely and transparently.

Token Distribution
  • Lifetime Maximum Token Supply: 1 billion tokens
  • Token Divisibility: 18 decimal placesThe initial distribution of ZTX will be 200 million tokens, to be distributed as follows:5 million: Airdrop Phase 1 (CLOSED)
    5 million: Social/Bounty Distribution
    90 million: Airdrop Phase 2
    100 million: Kept for use by Zulu Republic

    After the initial distribution, the remaining 800 million tokens will be held and released by the smart contract gradually over time, increasing token supply and distributing token-back rewards to Zulu Pay users as necessary, with an upper limit of 1 billion lifetime total tokens.

Zulu Republic Smart Reserve

The Zulu Republic Smart Reserve is a smart contract designed to hold and release the 800 million ZTX tokens that will remain after releasing the initial 200 million. The reserve is maintained by the Zulu Republic Association.

The reserve serves multiple functions:

  • To distribute the 5% token-back bonus to users when making purchases at verified merchants.
  • To release 1% of remaining ZTX to the Zulu Republic Foundation for use in future initiatives.
Token Utility

ZTX is the final token that will be used within the Zulu Republic ecosystem.


The Zulu Republic smart contract is externally audited by top industry experts, using ERC20 compliant payment tokens, and is compliant with Swiss regulations, which are among the most stringent in the world.

KYC Procedures

All users upon registering as Zulu Republic “Citizens” will pass an identity verification process facilitated by a reputable 3rd-party service provider. Only upon successful completion of the KYC procedure will users be awarded a Zulu Republic “Passport”, entitling them to purchase ZTX and to receive the additional benefits outlined above in the section “Zulu Republic Passport”.

Zulu Commons Voting Platform

Citizens of the Zulu Republic will be able to vote on initiatives when a minimum monthly balance of ZTX is maintained. This aligns voters’ interests with that of platform users and ZTX holders.

  • 10% of total citizens are required in order to call a global referendum.
  • 50% 1 voter quorum required for vote to be effective.
  • A voting right is conferred when the account has a balance and has made a minimum of 1 transaction in the past 30 days.

Zulu Republic Educational Platform

The Zulu Republic Association also hosts an educational content platform for general education in the broader cryptocurrency space, with an initial focus on video interviews with key figures and thought leaders in the industry.


This document is not to be considered final. Specific details and conditions are subject to change.

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